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  1. Members must be current by Tuesday, May 23 to be able to nominate.
  2. Nomination Ballots Go Live Tuesday, May 30 and must be submitted by Friday, June 16 at midnight.
  3. TAG Nomination Night Tuesday, June 27 at Granite City Food & Brewery
  4. Members must be current by Wednesday, June 21 in order to be eligible to vote on the final ballot.
  5. Final Ballots Go Live Wednesday, June 28 and must be submitted by Sunday, July 23 at midnight. 
  6. TAG Awards Gala is Sunday, August 6

ONLINE BALLOT ONLY! You should receive a postcard in the mail with your secret username. Go to the ballot website http://tagawards.omahacodeschool.com to enter the username, and click “Forgot Password” to set up your own password.

Once logged in voters will follow the basic honor system “rule” for the nomination ballot and the final ballot – Voters must have seen the productions they vote for. The online ballot includes a list of eligible productions and the voters must first check off the shows they have attended. Secondly, voters will select up to five different nominations in each category.

NEW THIS YEAR: We have pre-categorized all potential nominations for each category. You just select your five nominations from the dropdown list. Our goal with the pre-categorization system this year is to encourage more of our membership to participate in the nomination process by making the voting process easier on the voter.

NOTE: If the list fails to include a particular production or artist nomination the voter may contact the TAG Awards committee at awards@theatreartsguild.com. Then, if the production/artist is determined eligible for the season’s awards, the production/artist will be added into the online voting system.

Items checked off on the production list are tallied up and the ballot is assigned a value number which reflects a weighted combination of BOTH the number of different productions seen AND the number of theatre or production companies presenting those shows. This is done to encourage attendance at the largest possible number of different “venues” as well as recognizing attendance at the largest possible number of shows, regardless of where they were presented. The idea is that the more shows one sees at different venues, the more “educated” one’s vote can be in evaluating and comparing shows AND the artistic and technical components thereof. Each possible nominee included on a given voter’s ballot (five slots per category) receives the point value calculated from the production list.

ALSO NEW THIS YEAR: At the top of the nomination ballot page there will be link to a Google form to nominate for the following awards:
1.  Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble
2. Theatre Educator Award
3. Backstage Award
4. Youth Tech Award

A Counting Committee composed of TAG members in good standing meets to review the ballot entries tabulated in the online voting ballot. Individuals/productions receiving the top FIVE point totals in each category are declared “Nominated” and are included on the final voting ballot which goes live in July.

On the final ballot, voters make sure all shows they have seen our still selected on the online ballot. Votes are weighted within each category and the final votes are tabulated with the online voting system using the following formula: There are five nominees in each category. If you have seen all five shows with nominees, your vote for is worth five points. If you have seen two of the five, your vote is worth two points … and those points will only count if you have seen the production or person you voted for. In each category, the “winner” is the nominee getting the highest vote total. Ties are possible, but rare.


Q & A Discussion Series – Were you wowed by the technical aspects of the shows you saw this season, but don’t feel “in the know” enough about sound or lighting design to make an educated vote? Check out this discussion series with local technicians and you’ll feel more like a pro in what to look for in sound, lighting, costume and properties design in a flash.