The Theatre Art Guild Board of Directors is a group of volunteers composed of local actors, technicians, and theatre enthusiasts. Every board member is voted in by the general membership during the annual awards gala. Board members serve three-year terms, sometimes moving between committees dependent on their strengths and where needs are greatest.

Interested in helping TAG, but missed the election cycle? We still have plenty of volunteers that support us on smaller or one-time projects. Contact us to learn of any open opportunities!

You can learn more about TAG and the board of directors by viewing our by-laws.

2021 - 2022 TAG Board

TAG Board members serve a three year term and are elected by the general membership. Board membership is open to any current TAG member.


Jenny Pool President
Daena Schweiger Past-President
(Ex-Officio; 2022)
Dylan Peck Treasurer
Kara Teri Secretary

Board Members

Sheri Berger (2024)
Xena Broaden (2023)
Natasha Partridge-Butler (2023)
Raydell Cordell III (2023)
George Dippold (2024)
Anna Jordan (2024)
Katy Kepler (2024)
Guillermo J. Rosas Programs

Teen Representatives

Sydney Hendricksen (2023)
Marki Sandoval (2023)

Support Volunteers

The following individuals have volunteered their time and effort to help TAG’s mission in supporting our theatre community.

  • Joe Basque, Newsletter Contributor
  • Roxanne Wach, TAG Script Librarian
  • Mike Markey, Legacies Project
  • Ryan LaHood, Legacies Project

Contact Information

The following is a listing of emails for TAG’s various committees.