Lifetime TAG membership is granted to recipients of the Norm and Louise Filbert Lifetime Achievement Award.

Each recipient must fulfill a majority of the following criteria:
1.    The nominee has demonstrated his or her willingness to work for the betterment of theatre in the communities TAG serves.
2.    The nominee has given to the theatre in time and talent (and possibly monetarily, but not solely so) for a number of years.
3.    The nominee has participated in several areas of theater, i.e., acting, technical, front of house, etc.
4.    The nominee has volunteered or worked at several theatres throughout the community.
5.    The nominee (knowingly or unknowingly) has served as a teacher or mentor to others in the community.
6.    The nominee has worked in other community activities in addition to theatre.

Mary Allerton
Keith Allerton
Tom Bertino

R. Tipton Biggs
Susan Baer Collins
Dick Boyd
Sherry Fletcher
Jack Frost
Bill Gaus
JoAnn Goodhew
Rhonda Hall
Liz Heim
Elaine Jabenis
John LaPuzza
Kevin Lawler

Doug Marr
Laura Marr

Connie Jo Podendorf
Denise Putman
Rosalee Roberts
Barb Ross
Carolyn Rutherford Mayo
Anne Shaughnessy
Michael Simpson
Phillip Steiner
Bette Swanson
Bill Van Deest
Roxanne Wach
Ron Wilson