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The Theatre Arts Guild began in 1967 as the Metropolitan Actors Guild, a group of actors interested in learning more about the theatre arts and creating a bond as theatre artists. The group’s main function was to host an annual Awards Night to celebrate the theatre arts—an event which continues to this day. In order to obtain non-profit status, the Metropolitan Arts Guild disbanded in 1987 and, a few minutes later, the non-profit Theatre Arts Guild was born.

The Theatre Arts Guild (TAG) grew to encompass all areas of theatre, welcoming technicians and theatre enthusiasts to its ranks. To encourage youth participation and education in the theatre arts, TAG developed a scholarship program. Over the years, TAG has added to its programming. It now sponsors skills workshops and offers grants to both individual members and theatres. The annual TAG Awards continue to recognize the outstanding productions and performances of each theatre season.

The Theatre Arts Guild continues to encourage participation in the theatre arts and to actively promote local theatre, which now includes approximately 20 active production companies. TAG has spearheaded a number of city-wide publicity campaigns designed to spread the word about Omaha’s vibrant theatre scene to residents and visitors alike. With a large web presence and a growing network of media and community contacts, TAG strives to be the main repository of information about Omaha theatre as well as its most ardent advocate.

Our Mission and Vision  is to advance and promote live theatre and theatre practitioners in our community:

  • Through educational opportunities
  • Through marketing/communication
  • Through awarding scholarships and grants
  • Through our annual celebration of the theatrical arts