College of Saint Mary
7000 Mercy Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68106-2377
(402) 399-2400

In 2016, the College of Saint Mary Theatre Program made some changes to meet the unique needs of the students and the college itself. Faced with the prospect of replacing their theatre instructor, Christopher Krampe, Chair of the Performing Arts Program, made the decision to create a Visiting  Dramatic Artist Position which would allow the College to hire a person for one semester each year who would teach and lead the students in preparation for a spring production.

“This solution works very well for our institution and its mission. Our students get to work with diverse dramatic talents who bring different skills and experiences to the art.”, says Krampe. He added, “Each year we will also be commissioning a new all female dramatic work, which gives our students even more insight into artistic creation and development of the artist.”

The College of Saint Mary does not have a Theatre Major, but they see the importance of providing theatre classes and productions. “Our goal is to create highly informed dramatic arts advocates and lifelong supporters of the fine arts”, says Krampe.

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