Hidden Hero – Mandy Aleksiak

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Hidden Hero – Mandy Aleksiak By Tom Miller If you attend the Rose Theatre productions on a regular basis, Mandy Aleksiak is no stranger to you.  A thespian in high school (often taking on character roles such as a drunk, a witch, or a villain), she is now the smiling face who welcomes you to the productions at the Rose.  … Read More

The Candy Project Presents “Gutenberg, The Musical!”

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by Joe Basque, Contributor Bud and Doug love musicals. Love. Musicals. They love musicals so much they wrote one, about Gutenberg and his printing press, and it’s bound to be a Broadway hit. All they need are a couple of investors. The Candy Project’s latest offering, “Gutenberg, The Musical!” takes the audience to their backer’s audition. This “musical within a … Read More

Recently Awarded Scholarship a Success

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by Noah Diaz, Contributor I’m frequently reminded, by friends and strangers alike, how kind Omaha’s theatre community has been to me over the years. I always nod enthusiastically, voice my confirmation, assuring them that it doesn’t go unnoticed. And truly: it does not go unnoticed. I, more than anyone, know that I’ve been blessed time and time again. I’d be … Read More

Meet the new TAG board members

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TAG is proud to announce the newest additions to our administering board, each beginning their three-year terms in September of 2014. Marie Amthor recently re-located from Vail, Colorado as a result of participating in her first Great Plains Theatre Conference in 2007, where her one-act play, Coming Up for Air, was a featured piece in the PlayLab series. Marie’s first … Read More

New Website Features

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Be sure to check out all the features of our new website: The new site is designed to respond to scale so that it’s easy to view on your mobile devices! The HOME PAGE shows a revolving banner of photos from recent and upcoming local productions. Three featured news stories from our blog appear in the center, with today’s shows … Read More

2014 TAG Awards

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Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! (Listed in the order they were presented.)   Outstanding Featured Actress – Comedy/Drama Nichole Hawkins, “Isle of Nations, Isle of Tears”, Voices From the Closet Outstanding Featured Actor – Comedy/Drama Noah Diaz, Richard Miller, Sirens Outstanding One-Act Play Chekhov’s Gun, by Ben Beck, Shelterskelter 18: The Haunted Asylum, Shelterbelt Theatre Outstanding New Script … Read More